Agile Analytics for Cloud Cost Management

With the growing use of the cloud, there is a growing need to de-risk cloud budgets and optimize performance. In fact, a new discipline – FinOps – has been coined to address the inter-departmental complexity of managing the cloud. Achieving success with cloud cost management requires a 360-degree view of relevant data that is not supported by cloud native and third-party reporting tools. Cloud and enterprise data need to be synthesized to provide insights about cost allocation, spending forecasts, consumption, provisioning, etc.

In this on-demand webinar, learn how your organization can get the rich insights needed to control cloud costs. We shine a light on exactly why cloud cost management is a challenge and demo Envisor Cloud Analytics, our out-of-the box BI solution that brings much needed agility to cloud cost management.

We show how you can

  • Easily access data from multiple cloud and enterprise sources.
  • Get near real-time insights using Power BI.
  • Report on KPIs to actively manage, allocate and forecast cloud spend.
  • Leverage our pre-built data warehouse and reports to jumpstart robust cloud cost analytics.

Our presenter

Keith Knowles
Envisor Managing Director 
FinOps Certified Expert