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Optimize your cloud.
Optimize your business.

One quick assessment. Big cloud cost savings. Guaranteed.

Savings plans. CPU. Storage size. Consumption patterns. Reservations. Resource allocation. A deft understanding of these factors and more is required for effective cloud cost management. Without a dedicated cloud efficiency team and the right analytics, high or unexpected bills can be an unwelcome cost of doing business today.

Bring in the cloud team from Envisor. Overnight, we will give you the insights to save you at least 30% on your next AWS or Azure bill. Guaranteed.

Risk free way to reduce your clouds costs by 30%+

Our assessments are priced for organizations with a monthly Azure and/or AWS spend of $5K or more.

In one day, we will perform a full assessment of your potential areas for cloud savings. We will go over our findings with you and help you implement changes for prompt savings.

  • Easy-to-read report with a prioritized punch list.
  • Team meeting to review findings, share recommendations and answer questions.
  • Assistance implementing savings plans and reservations to realize immediate savings.
  • No risk: you see at least 30% savings. Or you don’t pay.
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Our promise to you

We guarantee you will see significant cloud savings. Or you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

Cost saving and performance optimization tools

Ready to bring cloud cost and performance management expertise in-house? Envisor makes it easy to take the next step. Our real-time solutions deliver the ease-of-use and immediate visibility get a handle on cloud consumption and cost.

Envisor Cloud Analytics

A robust, customizable cloud cost analytics solution that delivers granular, multi-cloud KPIs, out of the box.

Envisor Cloud Control

A continuous cloud monitoring and cost anomaly solution that lets you control cloud workloads with precision and avoid surprise bills.