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De-risk your cloud spend


Ensure predictable cloud spend and 100% cost allocation

The cloud is variable. It’s extensible. It’s everything SaaS-based CCM tooling is not. Finance teams require granular, real-time cloud analytics that let them view and understand variances, promote cost accountability and track against multiple dimensions. Chargeback or showback, they need to track unit economics without fear of compromising sensitive data. A custom solution would best address these needs, but it will take months.

Envisor combines the convenience of SaaS with the power and security of a DIY solution.

Fast. Flexible. FinOps.

 Answer questions 10x faster. Quickly drill down on almost any metric for details. Because Envisor reports are built and delivered using Power BI, you quickly get answers to questions that would take 10 static reports using typical SaaS-based CCMs. 

 Cross filter. Simply select a specific element on a page to see all relevant metrics displayed in context. You’ll never get that out of your SaaS CCM!

 See the what, drill through to the why. Envisor gives you drill-through capabilities and levels of detail only possible with a DIY built on a data lake or data warehouse. Understand the “why” behind an optimization recommendation for a specific resource.

 Get granular. View hourly cost and observability data.

 FinOps your way. Easily finesse Envisor to be exactly the CCM solution you want and need. Its extensible platform lets you blend in external data sources and integrate with existing systems, such as enterprise planning. 

 Comprehensive suite of customizable reports. Covering all FinOps capabilities, Envisor reports can be used out of-the-box or easily customized. A skilled Power BI user can quickly refactor the visualizations to resonate with your personas and corporate culture and enable dynamic storytelling.

 FOCUS-compliant cloud data. Envisor's data model terminology is consistent with the FOCUS spec. If you know FOCUS, you know Envisor.  


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Hourly Cost & Observability Data and Recommendations

Get the most accurate insights and recommendations in the industry
  • Provides common FinOps KPIs such as Efficiency Score and Effective Savings Rate.
  • Gives recommendations at the department- or resource-type level (or any other dimension such as a cost center).
  • Drill down or drill through metrics to get answers faster and increase productivity.
  • Lets you view data with hourly granularity.
  • Is built on a FOCUS-compliant semantic model that is enriched with data from 80+ APIs.
  • Uses a Power BI interface for ease of customization and robust security.

Manage to your cloud budget and forecast

Track multi-dimensional cloud budgets and forecast costs by day.

  • Define budgets and forecasts using dimensions such as application, cost center, department, etc.
  • Set alerts prior to budget/forecast misses.
  • Report on budget vs forecast vs actual variances and drill through to identify root cause.

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Manage cloud spend with Unit Economics

Understand cloud costs using the only metric that scales with your business drivers.

  • Keep your sensitive data within your cloud. 
  • Blend transactional data such as sales data, units processed, orders fulfilled, etc. to distill unit and value stream costs.
  • Pinpoint architectural issues by separating out semi-fixed costs from variable costs.
  • Envisor is the only solution that does not require transferring sensitive data outside your environment.

Chargeback and financial system integration

Drive accountability to the edges of your organization.

  • Leverage tags to associate usage/cost to individual business units. 
  • Integrate cloud data into your internal reporting systems and financial management tools. 
  • Not ready to chargeback? Use our reports for showback. 
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Quickly drill into variances to find root cause

Envisor's Variance Report helps to spot both positive and negative changes.

  • Drill down to the resource level to quickly understand root cause of a change in spend.
  • Analyze by tags, such as cost center, product, application or engineering team.
  • Filter by cloud provider, subaccount or region to analyze trends.

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