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Data Blending


Say goodbye to Excel downloads

Most FinOps solutions, including Envisor, allow you to download data for use in Excel so you can blend data from other sources. That’s great for a one-time analysis. But what happens when you need to download more data fields? Or when that “one-time” spreadsheet becomes a monthly, weekly or even a daily need?

Envisor solves the need for ongoing Excel downloads. You can access its data model directly in Excel and have it update to the latest Envisor data refresh whenever you open the workbook. No more manual monthly, weekly or daily data refreshes. Your ad hoc reporting is now self-updating.

Whether your data source is a spreadsheet on your desktop, a corporate data lake or some other enterprise data source, Envisor works with you. Easily solve for custom measures and KPIs and share these newly created Excel workbooks and Power BI reports within your organization.

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Supports Power BI composite models

Blend Envisor FinOps data with other enterprise data sources.

  • Easily create reports incorporating data from multiple sources.
  • Create custom metrics and solve use cases such as unit economics, enterprise KPIs.
  • Shared reports inherit your corporate security policies.
Drilling through to see the "why" behind a reccomendation


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Supports Analyze in Excel

Rapidly create ad hoc reports that stand the test of time.

  • Fastest method for non-Power BI users to create custom analyses.
  • Great for prototyping Power BI reports.
  • Shared reports inherit your corporate security policies.

Supported platforms 

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