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AI is here. FOCUS is here. Is your FinOps tooling ready?

Getting full ROI from the cloud is about more than just cost containment. It requires optimizing performance, allocating costs and understanding unit economics. It requires pushing actionable data to the edges of your organization. Envisor's next-generation analytics empowers organizations to optimize their cloud spend and performance by quickly combining enterprise and cloud data in a fully customizable reporting environment.

At the core of Envisor’s platform is a highly performant data warehouse atop a data lake, ensuring unmatched scalability and extensibility. The 2.0 architecture seamlessly ingests huge volumes of cloud and enterprise data to facilitate complex cost allocations and executive dashboards with key metrics including unit economics. A flexible deployment model allows you to keep your sensitive data in our cloud or yours.

The Envisor platform is also first on the market to incorporate the new FOCUS spec, adopted by AWS, Google and Microsoft, that brings much needed uniformity to cloud cost and usage data for better reporting.

Envisor provides the most comprehensive and accurate insights of any FinOps solution on the market. We offer software and full-service solutions that help companies at every stage of their cloud journey.


Get the most accurate insights and reporting flexibility in the industry

Envisor delivers unbeatable cloud cost management and optimization in an open, Power BI-based platform. With more insights and flexibility, companies get the most from their AWS, Azure, and GCP spend.

MORE data granularity Hourly snapshots into usage and cost (vs. daily or monthly). 

MORE measures Observability-level performance data blended with cost and usage details. 

MORE accuracy Reliable recommendations engineering can trust. 

MORE security Keep your sensitive cloud data on your servers, not ours.

MORE flexibility No rigid reporting. Total Power BI openness.

MORE extensibility Open data lake architecture easily allows you to bring in enterprise data.

MORE visibility Single pane of glass view into all your cloud resources with the FOCUS standards.

MORE connectivity Easily connect to any data source, AWS, Azure or enterprise planning systems.

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"Cloud monitoring and optimization that is next level."

Marco Marini, COO, iPost

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"We cut our Azure bill by 35% while providing faster content load times during peak hours."

Pat Darling, CEO & Co Founder, TidyMenu

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