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Department Scorecards

Empower your engineers to take action

How do you evaluate your FinOps performance? Are you struggling to empower your engineers to take action? Do your engineering leaders have access to FinOps scorecards that are updated daily?                        

Forget answering these questions with a SaaS-based CCM. Or spending months building a custom solution from scratch. With the Envisor Cloud Analytics template, you can have an MVP scorecard deployed tomorrow!

Your fastest path-to-market for dashboards and scorecards.

  • Use the scorecard as is. Simply map your relevant tags, such as cost center and business unit, to our tag categories and the scorecard is ready to use.
  • Don’t like the look? Want more metrics? Easily customize our scorecard to suit your design and data needs.
  • Prefer to start from scratch? Build an MVP in hours, not months. 
  • Or, let us quickly build a scorecard or dashboard for you.

Fast. Flexible. FinOps.

Answer questions 10x faster. Our Scorecard is built and delivered using Power BI, so you can drill down on almost any metric for details. You quickly get answers to questions that would take 10 static reports using typical SaaS-based CCMs. 

Your scorecard, your way. The template is fully customizable. A skilled Power BI user can refactor our scorecard in short order to give it the feel you want. Perhaps you like the scorecard but have an initiative tracking Graviton or GP3 migration? The data is in the semantic model ready for you to exploit.

FOCUS-normalized cloud data. Our data model terminology is consistent with the FOCUS spec. For example, our Service Categories are FOCUS Service Categories. If you know FOCUS, you know Envisor.  


Scorecard displayed on Mac Pro

Context-Based Department Scorecards

Give engineering teams hourly cost and optimization data, updated daily

Get the most accurate insights and recommendations in the industry.  

  • Provides an efficiency score and recommendations at the department- or resource-type level (or any other dimension such as a cost center).
  • Drill-down or drill-through to get answers faster and increase productivity.
  • Lets you see your data with hourly granularity.
  • Is built on a semantic model that is FOCUS-compliant and enriched with data from 70+ APIs.
  • Uses a Power BI interface for ease of customization and unparalleled security.

How is my team performing?

Quickly assess team performance with our efficiency score.

  • Provides a common benchmark across departments regardless of resource mix, cloud spend, cloud service provider, etc. 
  • Defined as 1 - (savings opportunities/cloud spend). Savings opportunities are identified by Envisor's recommendation engine.
  • Excludes resources tagged "informed ignore".

Screenshot 2023-12-06 211105


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Prioritize opportunities

Focus optimization efforts on opportunities with the biggest payback.

  • View cloud spend by resource type and opportunity.
  • Select a resource type to cross-filter the entire page
  • Adheres to informed ignore tagged resources. 

Spend less time analyzing, more time optimizing

Get 10x the productivity out of a single scorecard thanks to drill-down, drill-through capabilities.

  • Click on a scorecard element to cross-filter the entire page. All relevant metrics, including the Efficiency Score and recommendations, display filtered in the context of the chosen element, for example Azure Disk.
  • See more details. Understand the “why” behind an optimization recommendation for a specific resource.
  • Get even more flexibility using filters to select specific data ranges, resources and more.

Drilling through to see the "why" behind a reccomendation


Screenshot 2023-12-18 140216


Use as is or customize

Envisor Cloud Analytics is your fastest path to market for dashboards and scorecards.

  • Map your relevant tags, such as cost center and business unit, to our tag categories and the scorecard is ready to use.
  • Customize our out-of-the-box scorecard using our Power BI interface and FOCUS-compliant semantic model. If you know FOCUS, you know Envisor.
  • Prefer to start from scratch? Build an MVP in hours, not months. 
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"Cloud monitoring and optimization that is next level."

Marco Marini, COO, iPost

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