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Quick, personalized relief for high cloud costs

Cloud Savings Service

Monthly AWS or Azure bills exceed $5K? Save 30% or more.

Knowing what levers to adjust to optimize cloud cost and performance is a job in and of itself.

Our Cloud Savings Service is targeted to organizations spending $5K or more per month on AWS or Azure. It is ideal for companies lacking the time or resources to dedicate to cloud cost management but are struggling with high cloud costs.

We provide the expertise and insights to significantly reduce your cloud spend. Guaranteed.


Deep analysis of cloud optimization opportunities

Our cloud team will thoroughly examine all areas of defense for controlling cloud costs and optimizing resources. Reviewing your cloud usage and billing data we will

  • Analyze and recommend optimal savings plans and reservations based on your company’s unique usage patterns and goals.
  • Pinpoint over- or under-sized resources requiring right sizing.
  • Identify unattached storage, snapshots and idle resources.
  • Identify automation opportunities.​
  • Determine magnitude of efficiencies made possible by moving to cloud native resources (e.g., SQL server on a VM to Azure SQL database).
  • Help you implement immediate cost savings measures.
  • Coach on the best practices for cloud optimization.
  • Provide optional on-going monitoring and quarterly reviews.

Our Cloud Savings Service is optimized for companies with cloud bills over $5K per month. Pricing starts at $10K; the exact amount will depend on your cloud environment. Clients typically recoup the cost of the service within three months.

Our promise to you

We guarantee you will see significant cloud savings. Or you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

Cloud Savings Guarantee