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Power BI reporting

Envisor Cloud Analytics

Out of the box, Envisor Cloud Analytics delivers metric-rich Power BI reports on multi-cloud cost and performance. With over a dozen reports and the ability to drill down for details, Envisor Cloud Analytics empowers FinOps teams with the accuracy, timeliness and depth needed to quickly identify problem areas and opportunities and align on cloud optimization decisions.

Below is a sampling of our favorite reports.

Quadrants by spend and idle percent

This report helps to quickly locate the specific resources for cost optimization. Focus on the top right quadrant to pinpoint resources with high spend and idle time. Drill down on any resource to get details on spend by usage type, CPU utilization percent over time and more.

CPU usage over time

Understand the delta between available CPU and what is actually being used. Usage is captured in 5-minute increments. Drill down to get the detailed utilization of specific resources.

Spend by resource and utilization range

Quickly identify over- and under-provisioned resources. Potential performance issues are shown in red and high idle times are shown in yellow. Drill though for detailed analysis on the resource.

Spend by purchase type and idle percent

View daily spend by on-demand, spot, fully and partially reserved purchase types. Plus, see percent of time spent idle each day. See trends and discover opportunities for increasing reservation and/or saving plan coverage.

Spend by Purchase Type and Idle Percent