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FinOps Podcast on Cloud Cost Anomaly Management with Envisor’s Keith Knowles

As our understanding of the cloud and its impact on business continues to evolve, so does our understanding of how to effectively manage cloud costs – and cloud cost anomalies.

Keith Knowles, Envisor’s manager director, is part of the FinOps organization’s working group focused on managing cloud cost anomalies. This volunteer group, made up vendors, practitioners and CSPs, is working on a playbook to help the FinOps community develop best practices about how best to identify, communicate about, and manage these spend outliers.  

Recently Keith was interviewed, along with Victoria Levy of Alteryx, on their thinking and findings from their most recent workshop sprint.  

The half-hour podcast is an interesting, and often eye-opening, take on perspectives, approaches and the evolving reasoning on cloud cost management. A number of questions were explored including  

  • What is the best way to address and communicate about anomalies?  Hint: there are more effective ways than eyeballing an anomaly and trying to figure out if it’s important or not. 
  • What is the best method for identifying anomalies? Is it the free tool from your CSP, a DIY solution, or a third-party vendor’s tool? 
  • What is the best methodology for identifying false positives and reducing the amount of noise? 
  • Why understanding unit economics is important to the cloud cost anomaly discussion?  

 Click here to listen to the podcast.